Coyote Truck Maintenance

Book Cover: Coyote Truck Maintenance
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Pages: 21

Dana's job seems simple enough. House and dog sitting. All right, since there's time and space, he decides to do maintenance on his truck.

During this his truck gets stolen … and, since he gets it back, that's not the worst of it.

It takes three tries to get all the right parts. The easy stuff, like changing the air filter, gets done. Now it's time for the real test – changing the oil. He didn't bring work clothes and oil WILL be spilled so it'll have to be done in the nude.

After a slight miscalculation he scrapes the front doors while driving inside the house. Despite the challenge, the oil does get changed and none of it gets in the rug.

Soon, the doors and, oh, the furniture, will all have to be explained. That will be an interesting conversation.

Any automobile magazine article can tell you how to do it the right way, this one tells you the interesting way. See for your self. Buy this book.

Publisher: Dana Huse
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Which is a new problem. To change the oil a flat place is required for the truck so that all the oil will run out. There is no flat space in the driveway. The driveway slopes gently this way and that, hardly noticeable until you need a flat spot. Even the street slopes. Not that this is the kind of neighborhood where you could even park on the street, much less crawl under your truck without bringing some security officers to politely tell you to move your butt. Or else.

The back patio is flat but the gate is only wide enough for people not for FOREST GREEN MAZDA B3000SEs.

I am not going back to the parts store to return the oil, filter, and oil changing kit. I sit there stumped. The only flat space in the whole area is the foyer inside the house behind the front double doors and I can't just drive in the house and change the oil.

I can't? I take a closer look at the foyer.


The doorway is more than double sized. It's pretty big.

I think about it some more, go inside and look around. There is an expensive rug, but that could be rolled up and put out of the way. The floor is tile and could withstand the weight without cracking.

I can't just drive in the house and change the oil.

I can't?

Why not? Think outside the box. Or inside the foyer.

Reviews: JBronder Book Reviews on wrote:

December 15, 2017
Dana is asked by his friends Tom and Mary to house and dog sit while they are away. They walk him through their huge house with a lot of stocked goods and explain everything to him. Of course Dana doesn’t understand even a little bit of this but goes along for the tour.

The first day Dana is bored and can’t figure out the entertainment center so he decides to do some auto maintenance. What ensues is a story that will have you rolling on the floor. From getting the parts, returning the parts, trying to find a flat area to park, and then keeping the dogs safe from coyotes.

I started chuckling at the the one channel he could watch and was full on shaking when he was changing the oil. I remember growing up and having to bubble gum and baling wire things together to make them work and I just had a flashback to that as I followed Dana’s logic.

If you want a short, hilarious read, you need to get this book. It is well worth the money and

I received Coyote Truck Maintenance from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

Sapphyria on wrote:

Hilarious Adventure in Auto Maintenance
December 18, 2017
Have you ever had a friend house sit for you? No? Well, you probably won't even consider it after you read Dana Huse's hilarious Coyote Truck Maintenance. Written in first person, Coyote Truck Maintenance is a fun short story about a man house sitting for some very patient and understanding friends. After deciding to do his own truck maintenance, Dana describes every single laugh-out-loud moment from the trips (yes, multiple) to the auto parts store to walking through the house using newspapers, including the unconventional method used to do said maintenance. This short story is entertaining, written well, and full of "he did WHAT?!" moments. I enjoyed it and you will, too.

Byron Tidwell on wrote:

December 15, 2017
Everybody drives their pickup truck into somebody else's home foyer to change the oil, right? As Richard Nixon learned to his detriment: it ain't the crime, it's the cover-up. Dana Huse's blow by blow account is, no kidding, laugh out loud funny. Do yourself a favor: forget those holiday blues, check in to this hilarious story, and laugh your lungs out. To reassure you, no floor tiles or sofas were harmed in the writing of this story.

Scott Ryan on wrote:

December 15, 2017
Do you want to know what did not happen in this book? Trying to change a clutch in a Camaro up on cement blocks. When one crumbled, was out from under there like a shot. Luckily, in here, this was not a problems. Lots of other problems, though; and it was hilarious to see the inner workings of ... a very thorough mind.
I did see an advance copy of this.

Bobbsey on wrote:

December 17, 2017
This guy is definitely not someone you want to have house sit. His patient friends and their dogs must adore him to allow him in their home after previous mishaps. The thought process behind how he makes his spectacular mistakes will make you laugh, and probably remind you of someone you know. I would read other tales following this character.

Natalia Martinez on wrote:

December 15, 2017
This story is sooo funny and entertaining. I highly recommend it!

toniok on wrote:

Dana is a man with a plan, and these 14 pages will tell you exactly why just having a plan is not always enough. An enjoyable first person narrative that will thoroughly dissuade you from ever letting him, or probably most anyone, stay at your house unsupervised. Be prepared to laugh - and grimace.

frosting junior on wrote:

December 15, 2017
This is a creative story. I kept wanting to know what is going to happen next while I was smiling and chuckling.

K Simmons on wrote:

Prepare to laugh out loud while you also relate to the character's thoughts and actions. Truly a funny and witty read.

CB Ventura on wrote:

December 18, 2017
A slice of life story that is witty and relatable. Check it out!

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